Surviving Heart Break

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I did not know that my current girlfriend is friends with my ex and it’s uncomfortable when I am around them. My ex-name is Margo, we dated for a couple of months, and we did not end our relationship on good terms. I think Margo is still mad at me because I cheated on her. She is a beautiful girl, and I thought she could forgive me and give me another chance, but she is unwilling to let me in her life anymore. My girlfriend already knows what happened with Margo and me because she already told her. Thankfully my girlfriend is very relaxed about it because she trusts me. I have no problem with them being friends. It just gets a little awkward when I am around them because Margo still hates me. According to Woodley escorts of I always try to avoid her but I can’t because my girlfriend and my ex always hang out together. They like to do similar stuff. I guess I have to learn to live with it because I have no choice. It gets very complicated for me all the time when we hang out with my friends, and my girlfriend brings my ex with her. I do not have fun as I used to when she is not around. I know that it’s just in my head, but it’s still hard for me when they are around. Sometimes I like to think that maybe I should break up with my current girlfriend to avoid the drama. But I can’t do it because I love her very much. My girlfriend and I are pleased with our relationship. We go to the movies all the time. We like the same sports. We also do want to watch the same TV series which is a big plus for me. I want to get married to this girl someday. It all seemed perfect. What I did not know is than Margo, and my ex-girlfriend is fooling around behind my back. I was very shocked when I heard about it from my girlfriend. She told me that she and Margo slept together. She said that her conscience is killing her that is why she confessed it to me. It’s very humiliating to me. My girlfriend told me that she and Margo got very drunk one night and decided to sleep together. I believe that Margo planned all of this. She wanted to get revenge on me. She never really forgave me for my mistakes. I can’t stand my girlfriend anymore, so I broke up with her. That is why I booked a Woodley escort to help me forget her. Woodley escort made me feel like I did not have any problems. That is why I love Woodley escorts.…


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Winnie has always been a chubby girl, ever since her childhood. She was feeling comfortable with her chubby body until she got to her teenage age. Her friends started mocking and ridiculing her that she looked like an old woman. It is through her friend’s jibes that she realized all was not okay. Boys in her class rarely talked to her. During games, she wasn’t idle but rather wanted to watch her friends play. After joining high school, she tried to cut weight through gymnastics but could not keep up with the physical demands.

After joining college her weight was still an alarming issue. Her friends tried to persuade her to cut weight, and she tried. She tried many different diet pills, which failed because she was a big fan of junk food. At the age of twenty-two years, she realized that she was the only one out of all of her friends that did not have a boyfriend, and had actually never dated at all.

Her male friends told her how many gents disliked fat women. Since it seemed that no men wanted to be with her she decided to hire a male escort to take her virginity. Winnie approached an agency known as Escorts in London, which gave her the options of male escorts. She was hooked up with a sexy male escort whom she had chosen herself.

Winnie invited Tom to her place this Saturday evening. After having supper, they sat on the couch and started talking. Winnie spoke her fears, which Tom took mental note of for later. After a while, they drowned into romance, and within no time they were naked. Winnie was a shy amateur who let Tom do everything. Tom was a man who loved all women’s bodies, but especially the chubby ladies. After having made good foreplay to his client he rushed for the condom. He put it on his stiff dick and starting teasing Winnie.

After a series of teasing, Tom made a penetration. Winnie made a shout as the penetration hurt. Tom was gentle as he understood his partner was a virgin. The two spent an hour barely making slow, shallow penetrations till Winnie was comfortable to withstand a deep penetration. The two spent the night together, making love over and over again. The experience was mind blowing, with Winnie reaching orgasm many times throughout the night….And that is how Winnie lost her virginity!…